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Flexible Payment Dates

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Gadget Cover don�t restrict the number of claims you can make on your mobile, smartphone or gadget insurance policy.

If you�re living on a tight budget, you�ll find Gadget Cover�s flexible payment dates a great help in managing your finances.

It doesn�t matter which member of your family is using your mobile, smartphone or gadget � it�s covered with Gadget Cover.

You�re protected as soon as you take out your insurance policy � comprehensive mobile and gadget cover in seconds!

It�s not only Gadget Cover�s premiums which are low; it�s their excess fees as well! Visit Gadget Cover to see for yourself.

With a Gadget Cover policy, we�ll reduce your excess fee year on year if you haven�t made a claim on your mobile insurance.

Family Cover

Instant Cover

Low Excess Fee

No Claims Bonus

Unlimited Claims

Loss (optional)

Gadget Cover have listened to what their customers want and have created cover that's designed to give them more for less. From immediate cover to low excesses and unlimited claims, they've put together a package that's easily accessible and excellent value. Get a quote now and see how much you could save.


Comprehensive Mobile Insurance

Unauthorised Usage


Liquid Damage

Worldwide Cover

Accidental Damage

Forget about trawling the net for hours and submitting pages of detailed information in order to get the insurance you need. Gadget Cover's speedy, simple application process enables you to get an appealing insurance quote for your phone or other gadgets in as little as ten seconds. Just tell them a little bit about yourself and the devices you want to insure and they will provide you with a policy that suits your needs.

Get your competitive quote now!  You�re just a few seconds away from enjoying comprehensive gadget protection at a great price.

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Smartphone Insurance

Showcasing ground-breaking technology and benefiting from a great selection of engaging features, it's little wonder smart phones are such a popular accessory. Unfortunately they're also frequently the target of thieves, as well as extremely vulnerable to damage. When you take out a policy with Gadget Cover, your phone will be protected against all these risks, as well as covered against unauthorised use. If you care about your smart phone, you'll want to insure it with Gadget Cover.

Specialists in:

- iPhone 6 Insurance
- iPhone 6s Insurance
- Samsung Mobile Insurance
- HTC Insurance

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"Affordable and comprehensive mobile phone insurance doesn't come any better than this. Quick, friendly and highly recommended!"

Mobile Insurance

Peace of mind for all your mobiles, smartphones, tablets and gadgets...

Where you go, so does your phone. This means mobiles are particularly vulnerable to loss, damage or theft. Taking out insurance with Gadget Cover means that, should the worst happen, you can get your phone replaced or repaired, using their speedy, user-friendly claims process. Get a quote now to start benefiting.

Insure All Your Gadgets

Widely used as a convenient alternative to a laptop, tablets can easily become damaged or lost. Once you�ve got Gadget Cover�s affordable, comprehensive cover in place, should your device suffer a mishap, you can get it repaired or replaced quickly and easily.  Apply now to enjoy the peace of mind that Gadget Cover policies bring.

Tablet Insurance

If you love your gadgets, you'll want to make sure they're protected against loss, theft or accidental damage. Providing comprehensive cover against these risks, Gadget Cover�s policies include benefits such as instant cover, low excess fees and unlimited claims. Get the insurance your gadgets need now!

Gadget Insurance

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